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Baiao Biotech Co., Ltd Is a collection of science, industry and trade as one of the high-tech companies, is committed to lead compounds, pharmaceutical intermediates, pesticides and their intermediates, dyes and their intermediates, fine chemicals, biochemical reagent research, development, custom synthesis and production and also provide technical advice, technical training and production process improvement, transfer of research achievements and other services. Company has a strong scientific research strength, has a number of years of research and development experience in the technical team, such as the composition of the technical team, in the field of medicine, chemistry and technology in many areas of development and research, to provide customers with timely, fast and efficient service.


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R & D center supervisor job description:
  Main responsibilities: recruitment engaged in APIs, intermediates in the synthesis of work; according to the project task book requirements over the course of the project, technical improvement; provide complete test report and the qualified samples; pilot proposal submitted; involved in the project pilot and commercial test production process. Job requirements: Organic Chemistry, applied chemistry or pharmaceutical chemistry. 1 years of practical experience in a master's degree, 2 years of practical experience, 2 years of practical experience, strong sense of professionalism and responsibility, positive initiative, organic synthesis theory and experience; strong documentation research and synthesis route design ability, ability to solve practical problems, have ability to solve practical problems, and can help them to solve project problems.
Job description: research and Development Engineer:
 With rich experience in organic synthesis, especially in the case of absolute anhydrous oxygen, it is good to be able to read and write English materials; good communication and language skills; good team spirit and creative consciousness. 1, organic chemistry, pharmaceutical synthesis, application of chemical professional master's degree, 2, can independently complete the literature search, project, development, process exploration and optimization; 3, good communication, teamwork and organizational management capabilities; 4, with rich experience in organic synthesis. Highly competitive salary
Sales manager and sales staff:
 Organic chemistry, applied chemistry, medicine, biochemistry, international trade and other related disciplines, good English communication and writing skills. Have working experience of the treatment is good. Chemical foreign trade 1 women, have chemical, chemical, pharmaceutical and other professional background 2 have excellent English reading and writing ability. Familiar with office software 3 good at communication.
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Add:Room 905,Tianzheng International Plaza,No.399,Zhongyang Road,Nanjing,Jiansu Province,China

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Room 905, Tianzheng International Plaza, No.399, Zhongyang Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China
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